Oobliette (oobliette) wrote in bombyourmom,


First off, look at this guys profile. DickHarder

dpstexas69: hwy..im in Austin too..you have a really pretty look
bottlesandbones: thanks
dpstexas69: you are welcome
dpstexas69: what part of town are u in ?
bottlesandbones: you have probably the worst profile I have ever seen
dpstexas69: i havent looked at it in a while
bottlesandbones: so your all about webcams huh?
dpstexas69: i need to update my pic
dpstexas69: not all about it
bottlesandbones: oh, sorry, assumed that from your profile, just alot of sexual stuff, and you mentioned webcams
bottlesandbones: and your "real name" is dick harder
bottlesandbones: thats interesting
bottlesandbones: very charming
dpstexas69: thanks
dpstexas69: i aim to please
bottlesandbones: I bet
dpstexas69: feel like playing a little
bottlesandbones: playing?
dpstexas69: yes
bottlesandbones: explain yourself
dpstexas69: well..on cam...
bottlesandbones: I dont have a cam
dpstexas69: u can watch me..have a mic?
bottlesandbones: I dont have one, I just got this computer
bottlesandbones: I dont really have anything for it yet
dpstexas69: too bad..i'd love to see some more of your tattoos
bottlesandbones: all of them are in my photo gallery
dpstexas69: i saw that..cool
dpstexas69: who all is there with you ?
bottlesandbones: I am by myself, why?
dpstexas69: just asking
bottlesandbones: ok
dpstexas69: tell me what you would like to see on my cam
bottlesandbones: Well Id really like to see the new Lord of the rings movie
bottlesandbones: do you have it?
dpstexas69: lol
dpstexas69: no maam
bottlesandbones: damn
dpstexas69: i would love to get you all hot and horny
bottlesandbones: Oh, and you think you could with your webcam?
dpstexas69: well..i can try
bottlesandbones: For some reason, I just dont think it would do it for me.
bottlesandbones: But try if you want, by all means.
bottlesandbones: Ive been bored all day
dpstexas69: one sec
bottlesandbones: are you wearing an american flag shirt?
dpstexas69: i dunno
bottlesandbones: do you know what the flag looks like?
dpstexas69: of course i do
bottlesandbones: does it look like your shirt?
dpstexas69: yes..my shirt is black and white
dpstexas69: see me
bottlesandbones: sorry, dont want to interupt you playing with yourself
bottlesandbones: yeah Im over it.....
bottlesandbones: Im just not the kind of girl that gets amused by someone tugging on their balls.
dpstexas69: ok..sorry
bottlesandbones: its ok, hope you have better luck next time

His shirt was an american flag though, for real.
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