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The people who laugh at you's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
The people who laugh at you

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[18 Apr 2003|06:18pm]

i watched malcom x last night

they shot that fool ALL up
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Please help [06 Apr 2003|09:12pm]

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HELP [29 Mar 2003|03:27pm]

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[06 Mar 2003|08:37pm]

umm.. hey guys.

what'd i miss?
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[04 Mar 2003|01:14am]

The bible aint all that bad.
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RAWR [12 Feb 2003|06:14am]

[ mood | bored ]

You're Zombie Freddy!

Which Return of the Living Dead Character Are You???
brought to you by Quizilla

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WHY DO I ALWAYS BURN MY PIZZA? [26 Jan 2003|10:47pm]


.... but ill eat it anyway
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I enjoy lying to strangers... [06 Jan 2003|06:25pm]

vdibalca: whats up?
bottlesandbonesss: not much
vdibalca: have a good weekend?
bottlesandbonesss: just stayed home, didnt feel well
vdibalca: sick?
bottlesandbonesss: kinda yeah
vdibalca: sorry to hear that
vdibalca: anything in paticular, or just not feeling well?
bottlesandbonesss: wow your nosey
vdibalca: just trying to make conversation
vdibalca: sorry
bottlesandbonesss: well my herpes was inflamed so bad I couldnt walk
bottlesandbonesss: So I didnt really wanna go out
vdibalca: LOL
bottlesandbonesss: well I could walk
bottlesandbonesss: but it was real uncomfortable
vdibalca: ok
bottlesandbonesss: its easily infected
bottlesandbonesss: lol?
bottlesandbonesss: thats funny
bottlesandbonesss: hmmmm, I didnt think it was
vdibalca: i'm assuming you arn't being serious
bottlesandbonesss: Uh, ok.
vdibalca: guess u don't really want to chat
bottlesandbonesss: I just got a little offended at the fact that you would laugh at my condition
vdibalca: so you are being serious?
bottlesandbonesss: having to saran wrap yourself before sex sucks
bottlesandbonesss: and isnt funny
vdibalca: your 100% serious?
bottlesandbonesss: especially because some fucker decided not to tell me he had it before fucking me
bottlesandbonesss: yeah
vdibalca: how long ago was this?
bottlesandbonesss: 6 months ago
bottlesandbonesss: so Im just now getting the first full reaction
vdibalca: how long did u know the guy?
bottlesandbonesss: 5 years
vdibalca: and he never told u?
vdibalca: that sux
bottlesandbonesss: nope
bottlesandbonesss: yeah it does
vdibalca: what did u do to him?
bottlesandbonesss: nothing, he is out of state
vdibalca: how long till u found out?
bottlesandbonesss: just last week
vdibalca: and yer sure u know who u got it from?
bottlesandbonesss: Yeah
bottlesandbonesss: What are you trying to call me a slut or something?
vdibalca: no, just curious, I dont know much about it
bottlesandbonesss: Well it was him
bottlesandbonesss: cause he is the only person Ive ever been with
vdibalca: you ever?
bottlesandbonesss: and even then, I was drunk and he kinda forced it, well not forced, but manipulated
vdibalca: he was your first?
bottlesandbonesss: yes
bottlesandbonesss: and last
vdibalca: but u said u were wraping yourself
bottlesandbonesss: because now no one will ever want me again
bottlesandbonesss: I was trying to make a point
bottlesandbonesss: about how it wasnt funny
vdibalca: i'm sorry
vdibalca: call me
bottlesandbonesss: call you?
bottlesandbonesss: Uh no thanks
vdibalca: sure
vdibalca: ok
vdibalca: i'm sorry, I didn't know u were serious
bottlesandbonesss: Its ok
vdibalca: thought u were being sarcastic
vdibalca: thats some bad luck
bottlesandbonesss: I know
vdibalca: so do u not have a boyfriend?
bottlesandbonesss: nope, how could I?
vdibalca: life isn't over,
vdibalca: I'd take u out
bottlesandbonesss: thats alright
bottlesandbonesss: Im on a long break from guys
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I dont understand [24 Dec 2002|12:53pm]

Yeah so go here and look, all the members are people posing as celebrities/musicians they have everyone from George Bush to Tim Armstrong.
I think this might be the lamest thing I have ever heard/seen.
But hey, maybe you'll enjoy it, you could tell all your friends how close you and Billie Joe are and show them "his" Livejournal.
This is what teens do now? Its crazy, all i did was hang out at the skate park and drink. This whole internet thing is breeding a fucked up generation. Im startin to get scared.
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I love drunk people more than ANYTHING

undyingxheart: jesuys chgrisdt (( jesus christ ))
Incorporeal Kill: what?
Incorporeal Kill: kshdksjh
undyingxheart: i amn fuckingf shitrfiaces (( I am fucking shit faced))
undyingxheart: lioke whoas ((like whoa ))
Incorporeal Kill: hahahaha i can tell
Incorporeal Kill: jesus
Incorporeal Kill: hahaha
Incorporeal Kill: how was the pool.... im surprised you didnt drown
Incorporeal Kill: hahaa
undyingxheart: fduck thats, bnot lijke whoia , likje mother fuckingff helllosi (( fuck that, not like whoa , like mother fucking hellas))
Incorporeal Kill: i have no idea
Incorporeal Kill: hahaha
Incorporeal Kill: what
Incorporeal Kill: hahaha
Incorporeal Kill: SOBER UP!
undyingxheart: i wentr to thew poooool foir like 145 mnites (( I went to the pool for 15 minutes))
undyingxheart: 156
undyingxheart: GERRRRRRRR
undyingxheart: 15
undyingxheart: iut wasd toooo colkd ( but it was too cold )
Incorporeal Kill: lol
Incorporeal Kill: hahhahaa
undyingxheart: sioi we went to myt freiunds house, whose prenats atre outr of trown (( so we went to my friends house whos parents are out of town ))
Incorporeal Kill: i see
Incorporeal Kill: hahaha
Incorporeal Kill: was brooke there
Incorporeal Kill: ?
undyingxheart: vodkja ands 409';s allaroiund nigga ((vodka and 40oz all around ))
undyingxheart: noi ((no))
Incorporeal Kill: damnit i want booze
undyingxheart: yous hold comne downs (( you should come down))
undyingxheart: ands i'';k ytake youi to a partyu (9I'll take you to a party))
Incorporeal Kill: hahahaha
Incorporeal Kill: HAHA
Incorporeal Kill: go to sleeep
Incorporeal Kill: hahaha
undyingxheart: fuckj thats ((fuck that ))
undyingxheart: i';m gooonaa enjoiy beingf drunk (( Im gunna enjoy being drunk))
undyingxheart: i hads to takje carew ofd some girlk i;'ve nebve mert (( I had to take care of some girl I've never met))
Incorporeal Kill: you arnt in a state to take care of people lol
Incorporeal Kill: i hope you know your drunkeness is going in my journal
undyingxheart: youre fuckign teellking me, ((you're fuckign telling me))
undyingxheart: i';;m suslayy the one wbeing tookens vare ofd (( I'm usualy the one being taken care of))
undyingxheart: myg frinkingneed doijulhd go inbn tyour joiurnal,m its a bif drunkenessa ((( I fucking should go in your journal, its a big drunkness))
undyingxheart: loke whia (( like whoa ))
Incorporeal Kill: lol
Incorporeal Kill: hhahaha WHAT was the last one?
undyingxheart: whgichgsnoe? ((wich one))
undyingxheart: ifot cik regrests tonightrs (( I got cigarettes tonight)
undyingxheart: iu trotally crushg on yoiu (( I'm tottaly crushin on you))
Incorporeal Kill: what lol
undyingxheart: iu totkky havbe a crush on yoi (( I tottaly have a crush on you ))
undyingxheart: likje whoia (( like whoa))
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MORE [23 Dec 2002|04:27pm]

So jesus has a journal.

If your not too into God and stuff, you can hang out with The Church Of Satan

If you want a good laugh, go here

that is all....I am bored
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More bad links [23 Dec 2002|03:56pm]

If youve ever had any questions about anal sex check this link out

And if you feel like killing yourself, read this fuckslut
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[23 Dec 2002|03:27pm]

bec THAT ass UP: guess who my boyfriend is
b a t h t e r d: dude
b a t h t e r d: dont make me throw up
b a t h t e r d: god
bec THAT ass UP: WHAT
b a t h t e r d: when did you guys become butt buddies
bec THAT ass UP: last week
b a t h t e r d: you are just friends right?
bec THAT ass UP: no...
bec THAT ass UP: we're going out
b a t h t e r d: for real?
b a t h t e r d: nu uh
b a t h t e r d: what happened to josh
b a t h t e r d: dont fuck with me
bec THAT ass UP: i broke up with him
bec THAT ass UP: i'm serious
b a t h t e r d: why
bec THAT ass UP: because i wasn't happy
b a t h t e r d: damn
b a t h t e r d: i had dibs on you, i was on lnc first
b a t h t e r d: please laugh
bec THAT ass UP: hahahaha
b a t h t e r d: ok
b a t h t e r d: shit thats fucked up
b a t h t e r d: cool
b a t h t e r d: jay say anything about me>
bec THAT ass UP: nope
b a t h t e r d: y'all wanna come party with us tonight
bec THAT ass UP: we're going to a different party
bec THAT ass UP: in houston
b a t h t e r d: dude bring jonathan
b a t h t e r d: no
bec THAT ass UP: i don't know jonathan
b a t h t e r d: come to the one i'm going to
b a t h t e r d: fuck jonathan
bec THAT ass UP: hahaha
b a t h t e r d: so is that where you've been hiding>?
b a t h t e r d: breaking up with josh
bec THAT ass UP: yes
b a t h t e r d: word
b a t h t e r d: who's party are you going to
bec THAT ass UP: maria
b a t h t e r d: some old man crew shit
b a t h t e r d: yeah see?
b a t h t e r d: even her name sounds old
b a t h t e r d: gay
b a t h t e r d: i wanna hump jay
bec THAT ass UP: hahah
bec THAT ass UP: so do i
b a t h t e r d: this aim convo is badass
b a t h t e r d: damn
b a t h t e r d: two gallons of milk.. we had memories
b a t h t e r d: you wore your lone star shirt
b a t h t e r d: i wore my lone star hat
bec THAT ass UP: hahaha
b a t h t e r d: my stupid cunt roommate's dog ate that hat
b a t h t e r d: fucking underbite ass dog
bec THAT ass UP: hahahahha
b a t h t e r d: lookjed like the old snoopy before when his nose was all pointy
b a t h t e r d: when he yelped alot
b a t h t e r d: but retarded
b a t h t e r d: just like her
bec THAT ass UP: hahahha
bec THAT ass UP: i hate her
b a t h t e r d: all i hear is "every time i see your rommate she is extremely drunk"
bec THAT ass UP: and stupid
b a t h t e r d: funny thing is she never actually drinks at these parties and i see her drink like one beer before i leave so i know she wasnt drunk before the party
b a t h t e r d: fucking slut trying to get laid
b a t h t e r d: bling bling phones ringing
b a t h t e r d: fucking crackheads all want money
bec THAT ass UP: hahah
bec THAT ass UP: i'm going to go piss and shower and head to houston
b a t h t e r d: damn im sorry, i havent talked to anyone all night look at me, going on and on
b a t h t e r d: well shit
b a t h t e r d: you guys sshould at least stop by
bec THAT ass UP: whose party is it
b a t h t e r d: joe from flowery avenues
b a t h t e r d: the vitulli's crew tell jay that
bec THAT ass UP: ok
b a t h t e r d: he came to my restaurant and ate with miles and all the bellaire hotties a long time ago
bec THAT ass UP: everyone is freaking out that we're together
bec THAT ass UP: like nobody knew we even knew each other
b a t h t e r d: yeah i didnt
b a t h t e r d: i thought he was like your newfound bestfriend or something
bec THAT ass UP: hahaha
b a t h t e r d: like omg this guys so cool blah blah
bec THAT ass UP: nooooope
bec THAT ass UP: i've had a mad crush on him since that party i saw you at
b a t h t e r d: ahh yeah
b a t h t e r d: i did hump him i think
b a t h t e r d: whatever
b a t h t e r d: anyway, cell phone number, you want it?
b a t h t e r d: jay will know people there, sarah and kelly will be there
bec THAT ass UP: sarah hatcher?
bec THAT ass UP: who's kelly
b a t h t e r d: hypno hustler
b a t h t e r d: and yes
bec THAT ass UP: oh m an i don't like that girl
b a t h t e r d: dude i called her hoiuse and talked to her mom drunk for like 20 minutes it was great
b a t h t e r d: she was drunk not me
b a t h t e r d: really why?
bec THAT ass UP: she's mean
b a t h t e r d: yeah but so are you
b a t h t e r d: right./
b a t h t e r d: actually you arent
bec THAT ass UP: hahaha
bec THAT ass UP: yeah i'm not mean at all
b a t h t e r d: just online
b a t h t e r d: yeah you're fucking cool
bec THAT ass UP: thanks :-)
b a t h t e r d: she is from new york, thats just her way
b a t h t e r d: her mom told me this you know
b a t h t e r d: she is actually pretty cool
bec THAT ass UP: haha
bec THAT ass UP: kelly is from new york?
b a t h t e r d: jersey
bec THAT ass UP: oh
b a t h t e r d: according to her mom
b a t h t e r d: she was drunk though so...
b a t h t e r d: you better not leave without getting back to this badass aim convo rebecca. [stern voice going on here]

Auto response from bec THAT ass UP: whenever i get this way, i just don't know what to say...

b a t h t e r d: ahhhhhhhh you fuck
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Sumptin Else4 [23 Dec 2002|01:02pm]

taly_pery: hi
bottlesandbones: hi
taly_pery: hi
bottlesandbones: hello
taly_pery: im male 39 israel
bottlesandbones: ok
bottlesandbones: your profile says your a female
taly_pery: my wife
bottlesandbones: ok
bottlesandbones: does your wife like you talking to girls online?
bottlesandbones: or do you have alot of wives?
bottlesandbones: or maybe looking to add more?
bottlesandbones: you there? I can cook
bottlesandbones: ok, bye bye

dj3379: do u fuck?
bottlesandbones: Wha?
dj3379: u like tats?
bottlesandbones: No I dont , Im a fucking nun
bottlesandbones: Well, minus the fucking
dj3379: but fuckings great
bottlesandbones: tats, hmmm, not familiar with that term?
bottlesandbones: Or I choose not to be.
dj3379: tits?
dj3379: tattoos
dj3379: or tats on your tits
bottlesandbones: ooh, ok so you do know how to spell it
bottlesandbones: nope, no tats on my tits
dj3379: kinda
dj3379: just a bit little
bottlesandbones: do you have tats on your tits?
dj3379: so u at least know what cock is?
bottlesandbones: A rooster
dj3379: if i had tits hell fukin yea
bottlesandbones: I think you have tits
bottlesandbones: everyone has tits
bottlesandbones: please hold, im gonna smoke
dj3379: okie smokie
bottlesandbones: ok so back to the anatomy lesson
dj3379: no tits here
bottlesandbones: well thats scary
bottlesandbones: every guy has a little boob
dj3379: i got a chest tho
dj3379: w small nips
bottlesandbones: ooooooh ok
bottlesandbones: small nips
dj3379: u know
dj3379: i also got sumptin else4
bottlesandbones: are small "nips" a good thing in a man
bottlesandbones: Oh really?
bottlesandbones: What else do you have?
bottlesandbones: You should ask for a dictionary for Christmas. I fear you're lacking in grammer.
dj3379: grammer?
dj3379: whats that
bottlesandbones: I duno
bottlesandbones: sumptin
dj3379: ???
dj3379: n e waya
dj3379: im also speaks bilingualist
bottlesandbones: thats good
bottlesandbones: so, you speak two languages, have a cock, and tats on your tits?
bottlesandbones: er chest?
bottlesandbones: and sumptin else4
dj3379: yea
dj3379: that one
dj3379: can i see u nekked>?
bottlesandbones: That would be child pornography
bottlesandbones: You could be arrested for that
dj3379: why?
bottlesandbones: nekked.........you must be from the south
dj3379: u under 18
bottlesandbones: 17
dj3379: naw 17 is legal in tx
dj3379: lol
dj3379: but if your shy its ok
bottlesandbones: Yeah and so is fucking your siblings, right?
dj3379: nope
dj3379: aint swinging that way
bottlesandbones: you know, the internet is full of porn, why dont you just look at naked girls there.
bottlesandbones: Why do you IM random girls and ask to see naked pictures?
dj3379: cause they aint real
dj3379: and u are
bottlesandbones: Uh, they are real people
dj3379: i did not ask for pics
bottlesandbones: Oh ok, well I dont have a webcam, sorry.
dj3379: its ok
dj3379: i still love u
bottlesandbones: and if I did, I dont think Id get naked for you
bottlesandbones: You love me?
bottlesandbones: Ok wheres my ring?
bottlesandbones: So whats your name???
dj3379: at wall mart
dj3379: there u go not even devirginized and already wanting a ring
dj3379: damn, u gurls are TOOOO MUUUCH
dj3379: DJ
bottlesandbones: hm
dj3379: HM?
bottlesandbones: bye bye
dj3379: anyway thanks for playing along most women would have said fuck off jerk
dj3379: or not even responed
bottlesandbones: uh huh
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Love is in the air. [23 Dec 2002|12:29pm]

For those of you who dont know, livejournal has a dating page now.
Livejournal Singles

See if you can find someone who cries about the same things you do.
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do YOU like black heads? [23 Dec 2002|01:47am]

I dont.
so check this out....

hi im glad to post here cause this community is gonna crack your ass up!
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Webcams [22 Dec 2002|05:49pm]

First off, look at this guys profile. DickHarder

dpstexas69: hwy..im in Austin too..you have a really pretty look
bottlesandbones: thanks
dpstexas69: you are welcome
dpstexas69: what part of town are u in ?
bottlesandbones: you have probably the worst profile I have ever seen
dpstexas69: i havent looked at it in a while
bottlesandbones: so your all about webcams huh?
dpstexas69: i need to update my pic
dpstexas69: not all about it
bottlesandbones: oh, sorry, assumed that from your profile, just alot of sexual stuff, and you mentioned webcams
bottlesandbones: and your "real name" is dick harder
bottlesandbones: thats interesting
bottlesandbones: very charming
dpstexas69: thanks
dpstexas69: i aim to please
bottlesandbones: I bet
dpstexas69: feel like playing a little
bottlesandbones: playing?
dpstexas69: yes
bottlesandbones: explain yourself
dpstexas69: well..on cam...
bottlesandbones: I dont have a cam
dpstexas69: u can watch me..have a mic?
bottlesandbones: I dont have one, I just got this computer
bottlesandbones: I dont really have anything for it yet
dpstexas69: too bad..i'd love to see some more of your tattoos
bottlesandbones: all of them are in my photo gallery
dpstexas69: i saw that..cool
dpstexas69: who all is there with you ?
bottlesandbones: I am by myself, why?
dpstexas69: just asking
bottlesandbones: ok
dpstexas69: tell me what you would like to see on my cam
bottlesandbones: Well Id really like to see the new Lord of the rings movie
bottlesandbones: do you have it?
dpstexas69: lol
dpstexas69: no maam
bottlesandbones: damn
dpstexas69: i would love to get you all hot and horny
bottlesandbones: Oh, and you think you could with your webcam?
dpstexas69: well..i can try
bottlesandbones: For some reason, I just dont think it would do it for me.
bottlesandbones: But try if you want, by all means.
bottlesandbones: Ive been bored all day
dpstexas69: one sec
bottlesandbones: are you wearing an american flag shirt?
dpstexas69: i dunno
bottlesandbones: do you know what the flag looks like?
dpstexas69: of course i do
bottlesandbones: does it look like your shirt?
dpstexas69: yes..my shirt is black and white
dpstexas69: see me
bottlesandbones: sorry, dont want to interupt you playing with yourself
bottlesandbones: yeah Im over it.....
bottlesandbones: Im just not the kind of girl that gets amused by someone tugging on their balls.
dpstexas69: ok..sorry
bottlesandbones: its ok, hope you have better luck next time

His shirt was an american flag though, for real.
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How to pass the time. [22 Dec 2002|03:55pm]

*A journal dedicated to coloring books
it even has some Nightmare Before Christmas stuff.

*Worst comercial ive ever seen
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[22 Dec 2002|03:30am]

If you ever dreamt of someone who uses the term "frag" instead of "fuck"
this is your girl

Her intrests also include: living a flooded life, venetian canals, and sex with this guy.
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ASS [22 Dec 2002|03:11am]

If anyone would like to see Jake and Emily's ass GO HERE
and look at the webcams.
Limited time only
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