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I enjoy lying to strangers...

vdibalca: whats up?
bottlesandbonesss: not much
vdibalca: have a good weekend?
bottlesandbonesss: just stayed home, didnt feel well
vdibalca: sick?
bottlesandbonesss: kinda yeah
vdibalca: sorry to hear that
vdibalca: anything in paticular, or just not feeling well?
bottlesandbonesss: wow your nosey
vdibalca: just trying to make conversation
vdibalca: sorry
bottlesandbonesss: well my herpes was inflamed so bad I couldnt walk
bottlesandbonesss: So I didnt really wanna go out
vdibalca: LOL
bottlesandbonesss: well I could walk
bottlesandbonesss: but it was real uncomfortable
vdibalca: ok
bottlesandbonesss: its easily infected
bottlesandbonesss: lol?
bottlesandbonesss: thats funny
bottlesandbonesss: hmmmm, I didnt think it was
vdibalca: i'm assuming you arn't being serious
bottlesandbonesss: Uh, ok.
vdibalca: guess u don't really want to chat
bottlesandbonesss: I just got a little offended at the fact that you would laugh at my condition
vdibalca: so you are being serious?
bottlesandbonesss: having to saran wrap yourself before sex sucks
bottlesandbonesss: and isnt funny
vdibalca: your 100% serious?
bottlesandbonesss: especially because some fucker decided not to tell me he had it before fucking me
bottlesandbonesss: yeah
vdibalca: how long ago was this?
bottlesandbonesss: 6 months ago
bottlesandbonesss: so Im just now getting the first full reaction
vdibalca: how long did u know the guy?
bottlesandbonesss: 5 years
vdibalca: and he never told u?
vdibalca: that sux
bottlesandbonesss: nope
bottlesandbonesss: yeah it does
vdibalca: what did u do to him?
bottlesandbonesss: nothing, he is out of state
vdibalca: how long till u found out?
bottlesandbonesss: just last week
vdibalca: and yer sure u know who u got it from?
bottlesandbonesss: Yeah
bottlesandbonesss: What are you trying to call me a slut or something?
vdibalca: no, just curious, I dont know much about it
bottlesandbonesss: Well it was him
bottlesandbonesss: cause he is the only person Ive ever been with
vdibalca: you ever?
bottlesandbonesss: and even then, I was drunk and he kinda forced it, well not forced, but manipulated
vdibalca: he was your first?
bottlesandbonesss: yes
bottlesandbonesss: and last
vdibalca: but u said u were wraping yourself
bottlesandbonesss: because now no one will ever want me again
bottlesandbonesss: I was trying to make a point
bottlesandbonesss: about how it wasnt funny
vdibalca: i'm sorry
vdibalca: call me
bottlesandbonesss: call you?
bottlesandbonesss: Uh no thanks
vdibalca: sure
vdibalca: ok
vdibalca: i'm sorry, I didn't know u were serious
bottlesandbonesss: Its ok
vdibalca: thought u were being sarcastic
vdibalca: thats some bad luck
bottlesandbonesss: I know
vdibalca: so do u not have a boyfriend?
bottlesandbonesss: nope, how could I?
vdibalca: life isn't over,
vdibalca: I'd take u out
bottlesandbonesss: thats alright
bottlesandbonesss: Im on a long break from guys
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