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I love drunk people more than ANYTHING

undyingxheart: jesuys chgrisdt (( jesus christ ))
Incorporeal Kill: what?
Incorporeal Kill: kshdksjh
undyingxheart: i amn fuckingf shitrfiaces (( I am fucking shit faced))
undyingxheart: lioke whoas ((like whoa ))
Incorporeal Kill: hahahaha i can tell
Incorporeal Kill: jesus
Incorporeal Kill: hahaha
Incorporeal Kill: how was the pool.... im surprised you didnt drown
Incorporeal Kill: hahaa
undyingxheart: fduck thats, bnot lijke whoia , likje mother fuckingff helllosi (( fuck that, not like whoa , like mother fucking hellas))
Incorporeal Kill: i have no idea
Incorporeal Kill: hahaha
Incorporeal Kill: what
Incorporeal Kill: hahaha
Incorporeal Kill: SOBER UP!
undyingxheart: i wentr to thew poooool foir like 145 mnites (( I went to the pool for 15 minutes))
undyingxheart: 156
undyingxheart: GERRRRRRRR
undyingxheart: 15
undyingxheart: iut wasd toooo colkd ( but it was too cold )
Incorporeal Kill: lol
Incorporeal Kill: hahhahaa
undyingxheart: sioi we went to myt freiunds house, whose prenats atre outr of trown (( so we went to my friends house whos parents are out of town ))
Incorporeal Kill: i see
Incorporeal Kill: hahaha
Incorporeal Kill: was brooke there
Incorporeal Kill: ?
undyingxheart: vodkja ands 409';s allaroiund nigga ((vodka and 40oz all around ))
undyingxheart: noi ((no))
Incorporeal Kill: damnit i want booze
undyingxheart: yous hold comne downs (( you should come down))
undyingxheart: ands i'';k ytake youi to a partyu (9I'll take you to a party))
Incorporeal Kill: hahahaha
Incorporeal Kill: HAHA
Incorporeal Kill: go to sleeep
Incorporeal Kill: hahaha
undyingxheart: fuckj thats ((fuck that ))
undyingxheart: i';m gooonaa enjoiy beingf drunk (( Im gunna enjoy being drunk))
undyingxheart: i hads to takje carew ofd some girlk i;'ve nebve mert (( I had to take care of some girl I've never met))
Incorporeal Kill: you arnt in a state to take care of people lol
Incorporeal Kill: i hope you know your drunkeness is going in my journal
undyingxheart: youre fuckign teellking me, ((you're fuckign telling me))
undyingxheart: i';;m suslayy the one wbeing tookens vare ofd (( I'm usualy the one being taken care of))
undyingxheart: myg frinkingneed doijulhd go inbn tyour joiurnal,m its a bif drunkenessa ((( I fucking should go in your journal, its a big drunkness))
undyingxheart: loke whia (( like whoa ))
Incorporeal Kill: lol
Incorporeal Kill: hhahaha WHAT was the last one?
undyingxheart: whgichgsnoe? ((wich one))
undyingxheart: ifot cik regrests tonightrs (( I got cigarettes tonight)
undyingxheart: iu trotally crushg on yoiu (( I'm tottaly crushin on you))
Incorporeal Kill: what lol
undyingxheart: iu totkky havbe a crush on yoi (( I tottaly have a crush on you ))
undyingxheart: likje whoia (( like whoa))
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